What Is Socialism?

In America, socialism has various meanings so when we consider this issue we first have to define the term.

In the USA, the word socialism simply means the federal government's involment in the economy.  Further, in our case the Federal Government under the Constitution really equates to democratic rule by those governed. Since the government here is in a sense the people, socialism in America ultimately rests on them and there is nothing wrong with people choosing the social and political matrix of a country. However, this form of socialism does not apply to state ownership of the means of production. Capitalism is a much better means of managing our economy than socialism will ever be.

But big government is not necessarily always the problem. There are many things that the Federal government is better at regulating than the smaller states that make up our country eg., interstate commerce, defense, encouragement of the arts and sciences and health care, if done well. If the Founders did not believe this, why in 1776 did they tear up The Articles of Confederation which made the individual states dominate and replace the Articles with the Constitution we now govern under which has a more powerful concentration in the federal area.


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