Lost American Leadership

Almost from its colonial inception America was seen as a beacon to the world .A place that could inspire orthers by its values of freedom, liberty and democracy among others.This view held through two World Wars, the Cold War and well into the twentieth century. Then a change occurred. The country began to look inward, became more isolationist and nationalistic. We began to turn our backs on immigrants whereas before we had welcomed them.We withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement and forfieted our ability to lead in this area which is affecting the planet in ever increasing ways.We also withdrew from helping those nations suffering from the effects of climate change through no fault of their own. We can be sure of one thing, if America does not set the world agenda,others will and their values, not our's ,will proliferate.

Finally, America is blessed more than most of the world when it comes to wealth, science, technology,and strength of political values. We have much and hence owe much.

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Comments (4)


    Delusional hyperbole

    June 21, 2017
  2. stevehayes13

    Have you not heard of US foreign policy?

    June 23, 2017
  3. wirelessguru1

    Moron, who in the hell are you!?

    June 23, 2017
  4. honkykong

    We owe nothing for being more advanced to anybody but ourselves!

    June 25, 2017