Grenfell Tower: A Warning To Donald bTrump.

The underlying lesson to learned from this horrrible fire should serve as awarning to the Trump administration. For years the governments in London have cut regulations to serve the business sector. The Grenfell fire resulted in approximately seventy deaths. At the site there were no sprinkers,no pressurised stair wells and no fire alarms. The exterior of the  buildings were clad with sheething manufactured by Alcoa. The the buidings' exterior was covered with panels composed of two thin sheets of aluminum held together with a flammable plastic.

Because of the history of fire fighting in England, fire officials consentrated  on surpressing fires spreading hoizonally from building to building, not as in the Tower's case spreading verically along the building's exterior. The cladding, in this case channelded the fire to upper floors within minutes. Following the explosion of a refrigator positioned against an exterior wall, the building became totally involved in flames. Fire fighters did not have a chance nor did many residents of the tower.


For years , various  governments in London cut fire regulations to the bone to suit the needs of the business community. namely the search for profits. A mantra of the authorities was that for every reguation they created two had to be eliminated. Sound familiar?

Contrary to Washington's, current point of view good regularity policy is a necessary part  of trying to balance the needs of a mixed economy.

Yes, Donald regulations are necessary in the real world.

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    Leave it to a communist to twist an unrelated tragedy into an attack on the president.

    June 25, 2017