Bill Written In The Dark Is Dark As Well

The American Health Care Bill put forward by the US Senate on Thursday is,in effect, no health care at all but a massive transfer of wealth from the poor, the middle class, the sick, the disabled and the otherwise vulnerable to the upper classes who already have too much. No petty sum either, we are speaking of nearly one trillion dollars over ten years.  The bill is a travesty and a disgrace. It tarnishes the very name of America and the Republican party that supports it. It is mean spirited and immoral. Apparently, for four GOP senators it is not mean enough. Lincoln and the abolutionists who founded the Republican party would be ashamed at the depths to which i the party has sunk in servitude to the rich.

This bill should be rejected and sent to that area of time and space that Dante described to well.

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Comments (3)

  1. This comment has been deleted
  2. This comment has been deleted

    Sorry, were talking about Obama care? It certainly sounds like it.

    June 24, 2017
  4. stevehayes13

    So you delete a comment that simply asks: have you read the Senate bill? Why would anyone do that?

    June 25, 2017
    1. wirelessguru1

      Because he/she/it is a delusional demonrat!

      June 25, 2017