Minority rules

One of the chief problems with America's political system today is that it has grown undemoncratic with the minority ruling over the majority. This is true in the House , the Senate and the Presidency. The situation stems from diverse factors...


Hatred and bigotry tore this country apart in 1860 and it can do it again unless Americans rally  in defense of their traditional values : the rule of law , the Costitution and the Bill of Rights.

Trump"s Agenda

It's not McConnell that's getting in the way of passage of the President's agenda; it's the agenda itself that is the problem.


If anyone thinks war in Korea would be a good thing, think again. First there would be the deaths of millions of South Koreans as well as many deaths from among the 17,000  American troops in the South.Second: The war could spread to Japan with untold...


Today President Trump became his nemisis Kim Jong Un .

Get Ready

Yes, get ready for Trump /Sinclair tv : Dangerous anti democratic propaganda in the vain of North Korea.

The Real Threat

The real threat to American jobs will come not from China but from automation.