Trump can deny climate change all he wants to throw red meat to his base. But He can't deny Harvey


Instead of building the shameful wall along the Mexician border for more than 3.5 billion dollars , spend the money where it is truely needed: In Texas to help allievate  the the effects of hurricane Harvey.


During the 2016 election a Trump deal to build another Trump Tower, this time, in Moscow fell through. Could this be a possible quid pro quo? Make up your own mind.


Trump's wall is a waste of the billions it will cost. Besides if Trump wants America to be "Great Again",we did not have a wall back  when we were supposed to be great. By his own twisted logic then the Wall is a waste and unecessary.


Monuments to treason do not belong in the public space. And by the way the South lost the Ciivil War, as it should have. The Republican party was once the proud home of  the anti-slavery movement: One wonders what became of it , the Republican party.


Trump's incessant attacks on the media carry the stench of dictatorship. I guess in the President's fantasy world the First Admendment does not count.


Where is Trump's respect and empathy for those American sailors lost at sea in the recent collisions between naval destroyers and commericial vessels ? Trump only seems to care about Trump.


No foreign power has been able to exert its will in Afganistan. Not Alexander the Great ,not the British , not the Russians and for 17 years not the Americans. Trump"s tauted new policy is just more of the same. And is likely to have smiliar results....

WHO Does This HurT ?

At the request of the State of West Virginia , President Obama authorized the Interior Department to undertake a one billion dollar study of the health effects of tht technique  known as mountain top removal. This approach involves leveling the tops...

Minority rules

One of the chief problems with America's political system today is that it has grown undemoncratic with the minority ruling over the majority. This is true in the House , the Senate and the Presidency. The situation stems from diverse factors...


Hatred and bigotry tore this country apart in 1860 and it can do it again unless Americans rally  in defense of their traditional values : the rule of law , the Costitution and the Bill of Rights.

Trump"s Agenda

It's not McConnell that's getting in the way of passage of the President's agenda; it's the agenda itself that is the problem.


If anyone thinks war in Korea would be a good thing, think again. First there would be the deaths of millions of South Koreans as well as many deaths from among the 17,000  American troops in the South.Second: The war could spread to Japan with untold...


Today President Trump became his nemisis Kim Jong Un .

Get Ready

Yes, get ready for Trump /Sinclair tv : Dangerous anti democratic propaganda in the vain of North Korea.

The Real Threat

The real threat to American jobs will come not from China but from automation.

Our Political System Still Works

The failure of the recent Republican tax cut to the wealthy,diguised as a health care bill, in the US Senate proves our political system is functional. All that is necessary is  for the people and concerned influential individuals to take a risk and...

Pardons Anyone?

President Trump may attempt to pardon himself but  history will not forgive him.

Pardons Anyone ?

America deserves more of its Presidents than having them pondering their own pardons.

The Party of Deception

The Republican party was once an honorable one. It stood for something positive: free trade, limited government, and staunch defence of the homeland. No longer true. The party is now the master of the Big Lie. President Trump gives us a mean spirited...


4,000,000 people starving in Africa and Trump wants to cut foreign aid .The world ,and every nation in it,has the moral obligation to curb this famine.

Tell Trump NO

40 states stand up and tell Trump's voter fraud commission:no voter data. Completely justified since voter fraud is  another one Trunp's red herrings.        

Tell Trump NO

40 states stand up and tell Trump's voter fraud commission:no voter data. Completely justified since voter fraud is  another one Trunp's red herrings.